Hold Up The Sky: An Ecofeminist Gathering

This South African Women’s Day, CineBa! is hosting a gathering for ecofeminist solidarity. The event includes a screening of acclaimed documentary, Women Hold Up The Sky, a performance by folk band, Magine, a treasure hunt at the University of the Free State and resource-sharing about community partnerships and social connections with the Climate Justice Charter Movement and Youth Capital.

Through the eyes and experiences of women impacted by coal, oil and mega-infrastructure projects in South Africa, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, Women Hold Up the Sky explores stories of resistance and communities in active struggle to take back control of their land, their rights, their bodies and their lives.

The Climate Justice Charter emerges out of six years of campaigning, during the worst drought in South Africa’s history, by the South African Food Sovereignty Campaign and the Cooperative and Policy Alternative Centre. It has been informed by grassroots input from water stressed communities, the media, labour, faith based communities, youth, climate scientists, academics, women’s organisations, environmental and social justice organisations, as well as, think pieces by leading activists.

Youth Capital is a youth-led campaign with an Action Plan that combines data with young people’s lived stories to shift gears on youth unemployment. We believe in a South Africa where every young person has the skills and opportunity to get their first decent job. If we, as young people, connect our experience, skills and ideas, with the research and decision-makers that drive large-scale change, we can really shift gears and change the story of youth employment.


WHERE: Centre for Graduate Support, University of the Free State

WHEN: 09 August 2023, 13:00 – 17:00

Join us for this impactful day of fun and solidarity. Follow on social media – instagram and TikTok; or please contact the club at

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