Adisi: Public Film Screenings in Bloemfontein

On 27 & 28 October 2023, CineBa! will be hosting exciting public screenings of South African films in celebration of Women and Heritage. These screenings explore narrative and documentary films that create a dialogue on these themes. Four films have been carefully selected that weave powerful narratives of South African society.

CineBa! director Tshiamo Malatji promises a stunning line-up of films and a new experience for youth audiences in Bloemfontein. CineBa! aims to build a community around its film club Free State province, which will highlight local filmmakers and stories. While the Adisi Screenings will be hosted at a university campus, members of the Bloemfontein public are invited to attend.

This is National Wake traces the wild rise and tragic fall of a multiracial South African punk band, dubbed “the band that defied apartheid,” whose members risked everything to taste freedom. This debut feature, steeped in previously unseen footage of a 1970s anti-racist counterculture that few know existed, reveals a band whose music and memories comprise a profound meditation on how history is lived through art and in our minds.

Sew the Winter to My Skin tells the true story of John Kepe, exploring the inherent desire and need in humanity to not only seek out heroes but also to fabricate and create them. The film depicts the cinematic ballad of the outlaw, John Kepe. This self-proclaimed “Samson of the Boschberg Mountains” who stole primarily livestock from farms in the vast arid expanse that is South Africa’s rural Great Karoo region and shared his spoils with the impoverished poor.

High Fantasy is about four young South Africans go on a camping trip to the white girl’s family farm. When they wake up next day, they’ve magically switched bodies. Later, when they’ve switched back, they’re interviewed documentary style.


WHERE: Visual Media Hub, University of the Free State

WHEN: 27 October 2023 (15:00 – 19:00) & 28 October 2023 (16:00 – 19:00)

Join us for this amazing weekend of celebration and commemoration. RSVP to the event at

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